Servicing and Repairs

The business has expanded to serve all types of vehicles offering expand to include a number of new products to help drivers get back on the road. At Sian Autocentre we are proud to offer a wide range of products and services to ensure your vehicle is maintained to the correct standard.


Regular servicing is vital to ensure your vehicle is in a good condition to maintain its durability and reliability as well as eliminating any potential threats to the vehicle before they worsen and become increasingly costly to resolve. We offer basic servicing which ranges from essential check-ups and oil changes to full annual services which include the air filter, oil filter, pollen filter, fuel filter, coolant, spark/glow plugs, timing belt and water pump wherever necessary based on the service interval . Click to Book your service.


Brake repairs are common and the most essential safety measure. We are able to supply and fit a large variety of quality brake parts including pads, discs, drums, cylinders, calipers and any particular requirements for all types of vehicle. We also offer a free brake inspection for any customers who are unsure of the reliability of their braking system before any work is carried out. Click to book your brake inspection.


We are able to supply and fit stock exhausts and catalytic converters for fitment to all types of vehicles and vans, through our extensive range of suppliers we are able to offer exhausts for all makes and models . We offer a free exhaust inspections to indicate any problems with exhausts which could lead to further complications before any work is conducted. Click to book your exhaust inspection.

Air Conditioning

If you air conditioning is not feeling as cold as it should, we have the machinery to check and recharge the gas levels within your vehicle. We also have the correct chemicals to de-bug the system of any bacteria build up , which will remove any unpleasant odors. Your air conditioning will be cleansed and fully recharged back to manufacturers specification. Click to book your air conditioning re-gas.